At the Lim's household, we love sipping tea and nothing beats the pleasure of pouring a fresh brew out of a teapot. Historically known as Tetsubin in Japan, cast iron teapots gained a following across the world and are now treasured as functional ornaments. Available across different shapes, sizes and designs, our cast iron pots are moulded to be sturdy, provide a smooth brew with stellar heat distribution while adding an ambiance of oriental luxury with their traditional aesthetic.


  • 0.3L (300ml) capacity
  • Cast Iron 
  • Includes a stainless steel tea strainer (not visible from image)
  • Inside of teapot is enamelled


Note: Part of this piece is completely hand-painted/hand-crafted and therefore there may be some imperfections which only adds to the character and personality of this product. Product might differ slightly in pattern/colour from photographed item.

Cast Iron Teapot 0.3L (White Raindrops)

SKU: DR000002-07A
  • To ensure the longevity of the your cast iron teapot, please follow these basic guidelines.

    Before using your teapot for the first time:

    • Thoroughly rinse the teapot with hot water.
    • While the teapot is still warm, dry the teapot inside with a dry cloth.

    When using your teapot, always note the following:

    • Use the teapot to brew tea, not as a stove-top kettle. The enamel lining is fragile and could be damaged.
    • Never use in a microwave oven or dishwasher
    • Do not scrub the teapot with abrasive pads or use any detergents. Simply rinse with ater ONLY and wipe it dry after each use.
    • Do not expose the teapot to salt or oil.
    • The inside of the teapot is glazed so choose kitchen utensils that do not scratch the glaze. By doing so, you will be assured years of enjoyment from your teapot.