The meal always looks so much more appetising when ushered with delightful serve ware. Assembled with an amalgamation of ceramics, beads and stainless steel, these charming sets of sharing and dessert utensils is the finishing touch to your dining setting. Imagine serving up salads and crumbling a piece of pie with these - the food taste exquisite already! Every set comes packaged in a gift box so if you’re looking for a simple and elegant gift, why not?


  • 11 inch
  • Brass
  • Sold as a set
  • Accessories pictured not included


Note: Part of this piece is completely hand-painted/hand-crafted and therefore there may be some imperfections which only adds to the character and personality of this product. Product might differ slightly in pattern/colour from photographed item.

Palm Leaf Salad Set (Silver)

SKU: SE000177-02
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water using soft cleaning pad or brush